Mahon Falls Walk on the Comeragh Mountains, Waterford

Crotty's Buried Treasure

William Crotty was Waterford’s notorious Robin Hood-style highwayman. According to local storytellers, he robbed coaches travelling along what is today’s N25, taking from the rich and giving to the poor — but also keeping a little stash of treasure for himself.

Legend has it that some of his treasure has been found in Waterford’s beautiful Comeragh Mountains over the years but that his remaining wealth is yet to be discovered! A good starting point may be mountain hideouts named after the character himself — Crotty’s Lake and Crotty’s Lair.


Despite the offer of a substantial reward, Crotty evaded capture for many years, but was eventually betrayed by a good friend. Crotty was brought to Waterford City where he was hanged and quartered in 1742 and his head was put on display on the gates of the old city jail in Ballybricken, warning other potential robbers of their fate if they decided to go down the road of crime. 

According to legend, the dripping blood from his rotting head caused much of the milk that was delivered to the city to get infected, with many people becoming ill and dying as a result. Perhaps he reaped his revenge after all?

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