Meet Joe O'Connell in Jerpoint Park, Co Kilkenny

Finding Santa

When Joe and Maeve O’Connell bought a house and farmland next to Jerpoint Abbey, they had no idea what treasures were buried in the fields where they had planned to graze cattle. But here was the site of Newtown Jerpoint – a once thriving, then lost medieval town – and within it, the tomb of St Nicholas.

Santa is buried in rural Ireland?

St Nicholas' grave

It seems improbable. Surely Christianity’s best loved saint – St Nicholas – was buried in Turkey in the 4th century? But read on.

It’s said that – during the Crusades – his remains were ‘rescued’ and brought first to Italy, and then to France. Finally, the Normans brought them here, to Jerpoint Park in Ireland’s Ancient East – where farmer Joe O’Connell will show you St Nicholas’s Tomb in a field.

And then Joe and his wife will invite you in for tea and scones at the house.

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