The fairy tree, where the Magic Road begins

The Magic Road

Located on the southern coast of Ireland’s Ancient East, the epic county of Waterford is an absolute must-see. Home to a buzzing city steeped in Viking history, a host of charming seaside villages, and a brand-new Greenway that winds along the pretty Copper Coast, Waterford also boasts something of a scientific anomaly – the ‘Magic Road’!


On this mysterious stretch of roadway – located in the magnificent Comeragh Mountains on the way to Mahon Falls – cars left in neutral gear are said to mysteriously roll uphill. Local legend attributes this phenomenon to the fairies or ‘little people’, who supposedly reside in the surrounding countryside. These mischievous folk are very protective of their land, and so they playfully usher visitors off their territory! Indeed, the beginning of the Magic Road is marked by a beautiful Fairy Tree, adorned with ribbons and trinkets. It’s beside the tree that cars should park to see if they indeed begin to roll back uphill through this incredibly pretty landscape!

Once you’ve experienced the magic of the road for yourself (location here), be sure to continue on towards the magnificent Mahon Falls. This 80m-high waterfall is set in some of Waterford’s most stunning scenery, and is perfect for an exhilarating walk.

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