Púca Festival

Ireland’s Ancient East is the home of Halloween, with time-honoured traditions stretching back over millennia – this year, come alive in the dark and celebrate with three nights of fire, feasting and mischief.
Púca Festival character

Púca Festival

Púca Festival

Where Halloween's story begins...

Though it's now celebrated globally, Halloween traditions the world over can be directly linked to Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival. As winter darkness closed in, popular wisdom held that this was a time when the boundaries between this realm and the next were weak, allowing spirits to commune with the living.

Archaeological finds and legends have highlighted the authentic origins of Halloween here in Ireland: Meath's Boyne Valley in particular is an epicentre of Samhain tradition, with Halloween-related hotspots at Tlachtga (the Hill of Ward) and the Hill of Tara.

Spooky Púca Festival characters
Spooky Púca Festival characters
A variety of spooky shape-shifting Púca Festival characters

Harking back to these ancient autumnal traditions, there's always a wealth of things to do in the Boyne Valley at this festive time. But this year, a brand new highlight has been added with a distinctly modern twist...

Púca Festival

Celebrating with three breathtaking nights of food, music and spectacle, Púca Festival presents a variety of events across  AthboyDrogheda and Trim.

Special season-specific treats await at all three locations: from the Coming of Samhain Procession (Athboy), to nightly music and light installations (Drogheda), to illuminations and the Arrival of the Spirits (Trim), plus there's a lot more in store.

Entertainment options include Shadows of the Tain by Candlelit Tales (shadow puppetry with live musical accompaniment); a haunting performance by singer-songwriter Lisa O'Neill; and Jerry Fish and his unearthly Púca Sideshow (one of three fantastic Trim Castle Concerts) – and that's only a small selection of an amazing festival line-up that will set the night skies alight.

The Feast of Samhain at Púca serves up the chance to dig into the finest harvest fare from award-winning Boyne Valley food and drink producers at restaurants, cafés and pubs across all three Púca Festival locations. Visitors can celebrate the bounty of the season by sampling dishes created especially to celebrate Samhain using amazing local produce (paired with local craft beverages); grab a snack from the Púca vendors; and enjoy a Theatre of Food experience, free talks and information sessions from food producers, foragers and artisans.

For tickets and full event details, visit the Púca Festival website


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Enjoy the delights of the season in Ireland’s Ancient East!

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