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Each picture has its own unique story to tell and paints a captivating chronicle of Ireland’s Ancient East – season by season, moment by moment.

Waterford Greenway
Pass ancient viaducts, charming towns and striking mountains on the incredible Waterford Greenway 🚴🏻 Who's planning to cycle it this month?
Pic by @wetraveltheworld

Coumshingaun Lough
Wide open views, a lake with water like glass, and fiery skies – sunrises at Co. Waterford's Coumshingaun Lake are truly special. 🌄
Pic by @_mkimages_

The Rock of Cashel
High up on a prominent green hill in Co. Tipperary sits the Rock of Cashel, the place where St. Patrick reputedly converted King Aenghus to Christianity.
Pic by @brianfoxphoto

Huge round stone walls, capped by a grassy dome – Newgrange in Co. Meath seems futuristic, but it was built more than 5200 years ago, making it older than the Egyptian pyramids!
Pic by @copter_view_ireland

Kilmurrin Cove
Co. Waterford's Kilmurrin Cove on a sunny day – a beautiful stop along the Copper Coast Geopark. ☀️
Pic by @thru_my_eyes_by_jamie

"One of the best spots in Cork. Amazing cliff walk, creamy pint of stout in the Blackbird pub, and a tasty bowl of chowder at Pier 26" –  our perfect weekend itinerary through Ballycotton!
Pic by @cathal_noonan_cork

Wicklow Mountain walk
A recent visit to Ireland's Ancient East uncovered this misty scene across the spine of the enchanting Wicklow Mountains. 🌲
Pic by @onlydavephotos

Hiking Coumshingaun
Take a deep breath and soak in those views... 🏞️ Surrounded by steep mountainsides, Coumshingaun Lake in Co. Waterford is quite the sight – and well worth the hike!
Pic by @dannywatchorn

Visiting the seat of kings
Wandering the grounds of the Rock of Cashel is like a journey back to ancient times. For more than 1000 years, the Rock was a symbol of royal, religious, and political power in Ireland, overlooking the Golden Vale in Co. Tipperary.
Pic by @punakettu77

Johnstown Castle
Stroll through the magical grounds of Johnstown Castle in Co. Wexford and you may come across one of its current residents, casually strutting by and displaying its finery. 😄
Pic by @davidmwalsh

Kilkenny City
The medieval streets of Kilkenny City are full of character, from curious alleyways like this one to the colourful Parliament Street.
Pic by @themillennialnomad

Ballinastoe Forest
Take a deep breath and smell the fresh moss and pine trees this weekend at Ballinastoe Forest in Co. Wicklow. 🌲
Pic by @seanorphoto

Newport from above
Like a patchwork quilt, the green fields of Newport stretch across Co. Tipperary's landscape. 🌿
Pic by @frankcosgrove

Lough Tay
Brooding skies over Lough Tay in Co. Wicklow 🌄 No surprise it's nicknamed Guinness Lake with its dark waters crowned by a white sandy beach. That, and it's also the ancestral home of the Guinness brewing family!
Pic by @i_roamireland

Blackrock Castle
A dreamlike moment at Blackrock Castle in Co. Cork 🏰 Take time to explore the Castle Observatory and soak in the views over the harbour and River Lee.
Pic by @saramelotti_

Hook Lighthouse
Hook Lighthouse in Co. Wexford basking in golden morning light 🌅 At 800 years old, it's seen its share of incredible sunrises over Ireland's East Coast!
Pic by @dermotgarland

Ballysaggartmore Towers
The fairytale-like Ballysaggartmore Towers in Co. Waterford are often considered one of the most beautiful structures in Ireland. Pack your picnic basket and wander the Gothic towers and rich surrounding woodlands!
Pic by @derekdelaneyphotography

Sunset in Kildare
Autumn hues at Ballynafagh Church in Co. Kildare 🌾 Surrounded by golden fields of barley, its ruins sure make for a pretty evening scene!
Pic by @nathanhphotographyire

Sunrise swim in Wicklow
Summer weekends in Co. Wicklow are made of golden sunrise dips like this one 🌅
Pic by @thehappypear

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