Fadó Fadó. Long long ago.

That’s how all the best stories start around here. And this part of Ireland – as you’ll soon discover – is full of stories. On windswept hills, in small green fields, or simply at a bend in the road – stories are never far away. They’re written on the land. And echo in the voices of the locals.

Hill of Tara


Fadó Fadó. One thousand years before the pyramids, people here built the tallest building in the world, and aligned it with the sun’s rays.

Fifteen hundred years ago, Europe’s pilgrims crossed mountains, heath and bog to Ireland’s first University. The legendary High Kings made human sacrifices to the gods of nature, then knelt before the cross, and fought the Vikings.

Invasions and rebellions. Alliances and betrayals. Welcome and unwelcome arrivals. Life-changing departures. The twists and turns of Ireland’s tumultuous history have been played out in these lovely settings. You can feel the layers of history here – so often there’s the strongest sense of standing on the very spot.

And it’s the people you meet – showing you around, serving you a drink or simply passing the time of day – who hold the key. Connecting past with present. And bringing it all vividly to life.

Just ask them to tell you a story, and let it begin fadó fadó …

A land of Stories