Castle Leslie

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Location: Glaslough, Monaghan

Set it on 1000 acres of rolling parkland with ancient trees and glittering lakes teeming with wildlife. Situated on the border, in many ways it got frozen in time, it was spared the excess of the celtic tiger,and is one of the most complete intact estates in Ireland. The Leslie Family can trace its ancestry back to Atilla the Hun. The first Leslie came from Scotland and was a Hungarian nobleman called Bartholomew Leslie. He was the chamberlain and protector of Margaret Queen of Scotland. The family motto ‘Grip Fast’ originated through him. While fleeing enemies Queen Margaret rode pillion on the back of Bartholomew's horse. When fording a river, the queen fell off and Bartholomew threw her the end of his belt and told her to grip fast the buckle. He saved the Queen's life and from that day on wards she bestowed the motto Grip Fast on the Leslies.