Johnstown Castle Estate

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Location: Johnstown Castle Estate, Oldtown Ln, Johnstown, Wexford

Visit Johnstown Castle and admire its Gothic towers, magical turrets and arched windows. Wander around the walled gardens, admire the unique sculptures and check out the beautiful lake walks.

Daniel Robertson, who designed Powerscourt Gardens, created a vision for the glorious grounds at Johnstown. Meander along the pretty pathways, admire the tranquil, tree-dotted gardens, and see the castle reflected in the shimmering waters of the lake.

Find the Irish Agricultural Museum in the former castle farmyard, see recreated wheelwright workshops and check out the impeccably restored tractors, ploughs and threshing machines.

Johnstown Castle was the historic home of two prominent Wexford families, the Esmondes, of Norman descent, arrived in the 12th century but during the Cromwellian era, the estate was confiscated and changed hands before it was acquired by John Grogan in 1692.