Bective Abbey

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Location: R161, Ballina, Meath

The abbey at Bective was founded in 1147, though much of the remaining ruins date from the 15th century. The abbey sits overlooking the River Boyne, just 15 minutes from Navan in County Meath.

Bective Abbey was Ireland’s second Cistercian abbey, established after the success of nearby Mellifont. It was one of the country’s most important monastic settlements, as its abbot sat in the Parliament of the Pale. Additionally, Hugh De Lacy was buried there before being moved to Dublin.

The abbey closed after its suppression under Henry VIII and was made into a manor house handed over to civil servants in reward for their loyal work.

Due to its castle-like qualities, the site was also chosen as a location for the 1995 film 'Braveheart'.