Fatbike Adventures Cycling Tours

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Location: Belmont Demesne, Lower Windgates, Road, Greystones, Wicklow

Beaches, Bogs, Forests, Mountains & Snow. There is nowhere that a Fatbike can’t go. They bring back the buzz you had when you first learnt to ride a bicycle. Fatbike Adventures have a fully serviced fleet of fatbikes and provide quality guided tour.

Do you remember that feeling of supreme accomplishment when you first rode a bike without stabilisers? That feeling of freedom, untethered possibilities and dreams of conquering the world on your metal steed?

When you ride a fat bike for the first time all of those feelings come back in a powerful rush, and then some.

Fatbikes have big fat tyres so they float over beach sand, snow and rocks. Fat bikes are great fun to ride and in spite of looking like tanks with pedals, fatbikes are surprisingly agile.

Fatbike Adventures co founded by Wayne and Ian in 2015 has a hand picked menu of some special places nestled in incredible scenery throughout Ireland's mountain ranges, Ancient East coast and Wild Atlantic Way for you to select your own unique fat bike adventure.

Fatbike adventures offer tourist, family and corporate tailored fat bikes experiences that cater for everyone regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

Our adventure tours are relaxed, sociable, fun and are designed not only for the intrepid and daring travellers amongst us, the beginner and the 'fat'-curious' are especially guaranteed to get a buzz from a fat bike adventures experience.

Adventure is out there! So send us a message or drop us a line or book your Fatbike Adventures tour on-line.