The Norman Way - Heritage and Cycling trail

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Location: County Wexford, Wexford

The Norman Way is a heritage and cycling trail that runs along the beautiful south coast of County Wexford. Along this Wexford Trail you will discover authentic medieval sites which will help you to understand the Norman way of life. These hidden gems of the Norman Way are waiting to be explored by you down quiet country lanes, in beautiful seaside villages and alongside stunning beaches.

Along the Norman Way you will find impressive tower houses, church ruins and graveyards filled with characters and stories, a wonderful windmill and more. All of these sites are nestled in the quiet countryside of the sunny south-east of Ireland where the locals are friendly, the accommodation is top-class and the food is fantastic (especially the freshly-caught local seafood!)

Along with bespoke interpretive panels, many of the Norman Way locations have had brand new benches and bike racks installed at them to encourage visitors to rest and enjoy these unique heritage sites. The Norman Way is also just a short distance from several culturally vibrant and family-friendly towns and villages such as Wexford Town and Kilmore Quay.

Importantly, the Norman Way is less than a 30 minute cycle from Rosslare Europort, making it easily accessible to cyclists travelling to/from the UK or France via the ferry. The Norman Way actually follows the route of the Eurovelo 1 Atlantic Coast cycling route.

The Norman Way in Wexford is a true treasure of Ireland’s Ancient East. Lose yourself in this beautiful, ancient landscape as you discover the Norman way of life in the place where it first took hold in Ireland over 800 years ago.