Beaulieu House and Gardens

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Location: Beaulieu, Cross, Louth

Beaulieu House is a rare example of 17th-century Irish domestic architecture. The elegant building has been home to two families, the Plunketts and the Tichbournes, for over 800 years and is an essential stop on a tour of picturesque County Louth.

Admire the splendid interior fittings, intricate wood carvings, famous paintings from Irish artists, and the stunning staircase and after, stroll around the gorgeous gardens and grassy terraces that remain true to their early design. The Beaulieu walled garden is a tranquil haven for plant lovers - spot the detailed herbaceous border.

Book a guided tour of Beaulieu House and Gardens to learn of the history and architecture of this postcard perfect place and visit during the summer months to see the gardens in full bloom.