Cappoquin House

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Location: House and Gardens, Cappoquin, Waterford

Cappoquin House, is an 18th Century Georgian mansion, built on the site of an old FitzGerald Castle and enjoys magnificent views over the River Blackwater.

The Keane family have lived at Cappoquin for the last 300 years. They are an old Irish family descended from the O’Cahan Clan of Ulster who were feudal tenants of the O’Neils. Most of their lands were forfeited in the first Plantation of Ulster in 1610. At the end of the 17th century George O’Cahan changed his name to Keane, on retirement he leased the town of Cappoquin with extensive farm and mountain land from the Earl of Cork under three 999 year leases.

In 1923 the house was torched during the Civil War. Fortunately much of the furniture had been removed to London. In the ensuing blaze the interiors were destroyed, whilst the South facing exterior, stables and servants’ wing survived. The rebuilding begun in September 1924 and took 6 years to be completed. To day Cappoquin House is a home to the Keane family.

The gardens are not wheelchair friendly being on a slope.