The Sea Gardener

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Location: Tramore, Waterford

These events began with the publication of The Sea Garden, a guide to seaweed cookery and foraging, by Marie Power, now in its third reprint. They also make a range of seaweed-based snack foods, supplying local artisan food shops and Supervalu Food Academy.

The Sea Gardener events include seaweed and land foraging walks, beach picnics and cook-ups with wild food, rocky shore ecology explorations tailored for individuals, families and groups. An annual showcase event, Ireland’s Ancient Foraging Feast, takes place in the Anne Valley, near Tramore, every summer: wild food forage is followed by a “feast” based on the foods of the first hunter-gatherers on Waterford’s coast.

Marie Power, aka, The Sea Gardener, brings her experiences as a training consultant, her education in science and ecology and her love of real food to all events, sharing the almost-forgotten knowledge and lore about using seaweeds in everyday cooking, gardening and skincare.