King of the Vikings

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Location: 10 Bailey's New St, Waterford

Discover King of the Vikings, a modern virtual reality experience and get up close and personal with the Viking warlords who founded ‘Veðrafjorðr’ (Waterford), Ireland’s oldest city.

Set in a replica of a traditional Viking house, your adventure takes place in the atmospheric ruins of a medieval monastery in the heart of the bustling city. Meet the Viking comb-maker, listen to stories about life in Viking Waterford and don a special helmet (a 3D Oculus Rift headset) that transports you back 1100 years.

Come face-to-face with the great heroic and legendary leader Reginald, founder of the city and King of Waterford and York. Book a guided tour in advance and enjoy a unique experience as enthusiastic guides explain the city's fantastic history.