King Of The Vikings. The World's First Virtual Reality Viking Adventure

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Location: 10 Bailey's New St, Waterford

King of the Vikings is a dynamic virtual reality experience. It brings you up close and personal with the Viking warlords who founded ‘Veðrafjorðr’ (Waterford), Ireland’s oldest city! The experience is set in a replica Viking house within the atmospheric ruins of a medieval monastery in the heart of the Viking city. You will be met by a Viking comb-maker, regaled with stories about life in Viking Waterford and you are invited to don a special magical helmet (3D Oculus Rift headsets) that will transport you back 1100 years and to come face to face with the great heroic and legendary Viking leader Reginald, founder of the city of Veðrafjorðr, (Waterford) and King of Waterford and York. Re-enactor guides will welcome you to this adventure and tell you about Viking Waterford. The wonderful and exciting attraction is only 100 steps from Reginald’s great Viking tower where the extraordinary Treasures of Viking Age Waterford and a full-size replica Viking long ship are on display.