DUPLICATE Castle Arch Pottery

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Location: The Castle Yard, The Parade, Gardens, Kilkenny

Castle Arch Pottery in Kilkenny’s famous Castle Yard, taking inspiration from Celtic patterns such as Newgrange spirals and traditional motifs, makes bold honest pieces that stand out and enhance any domestic setting be it formal or decorative. At the workshop in Kilkenny city, County Kilkenny, there is the chance to see the pottery being made and glazed, and the opportunity to buy in the charming studio shop. A native of Cork, Ray Power set up Castle Arch Pottery in the Autumn of 1993 in Kilkenny’s famous Castle Yard, which sits under the gaze of Kilkenny Castle.

The penultimate stage sees each piece bisque fired to 1000cc before the final stage of glazing and firing again to 1200cc. This guarantees the pottery will be both microwave and dishwasher safe. This traditional approach, typical of Irish country potteries, ensures that Castle Arch Pottery maintains its unique character.
Affilliations: Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail