Irish National Heritage Park

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Location: Ferrycarrig, Wexford

The Irish National Heritage Park takes visitors through 9,000 years of history. Learn about different historical periods on the heritage trails, depicting the first settlements in Ireland up to the arrival of the Normans in the 12th century. Choose from Pre-Historic Ireland, Early Christian Ireland or the Age of Invasion, and view replicas of prehistoric campsites, ringforts, crannogs and Viking houses.

Wander through the woodland, winding between ancient trees and pools of water, to experience what Ireland must have looked like to our Stone Age ancestors. Look out for swamps filled with mosses and lichens, and see the vibrant birdlife and insects who live here.

Discover the trades and traditions of ancient times, there are over 60 diverse courses to choose from. Go foraging, try flint knapping, learn the art of wood carving or book in for a Viking boot camp session.