Jerpoint Park

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Location: Belmore House, Jerpoint, Thomastown, Kilkenny

Jerpoint Park Family fun at Jerpoint park Angling at Jerpoint Park

Jerpoint Park is privileged to host a Monument of notable importance. The Lost Town of Newtown Jerpoint. It was founded by either Earl Marshall or Griffin Fitzwilliam in 12th century, just west of the Cistercian Abbey, where the main crossing of the River Nore was formed by a tole paying bridge. Explore nature at historic Jerpoint Park and get a true feel for its varied flora and fauna. Witness the peace and tranquility of the rural setting with its many old oaks, chestnuts, lime and beech trees. Discover the many variations of wildlife species that live on the River Nore and the Little Arrigle River and check out the special area of conservation on the river bank. Sheep dog demonstration with sheep is a fun and fascinating event to watch as it shows man and dog work together as one – herding.