Newbridge Silverware - Museum of Style Icons

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Location: Athgarvan Rd, Kilbelin, Newbridge, Kildare

Come to visit the Newbridge Silverware - Museum of Style Icons. The world-famous brand was originally created as a cutlery manufacturing company but today has a wonderful, immersive experience at its Visitor Centre in County Kildare.

With one of the world’s greatest collections of authentic couture style, Hollywood glamour, music memorabilia and other artefacts, the Museum of Style Icons is a delightful place full of treasures.

Highlights of the collection include one of the greatest private collections of Audrey Hepburn garments in the world, two very famous outfits worn by Princess Grace of Monaco, Marilyn Monroe’s garments and stage-worn ensembles by Michael Jackson.

Take your time to browse the full collection and take a break with a coffee and a bite to eat at the award-winning Café Carleton.