Slane Distillery

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Location: Slane Castle, Slane, Meath

Take part in a captivating tour of the state-of-the-art facility and see the crafting process from grain to glass. Watch as the distillers make the famous whiskey using water from the nearby River Boyne and barley that's grown on the estate. Pick up the grains and smell the ingredients before the staff bring you on a guided tasting of the triple casked whiskey.

See the beautiful wooden fermenters, mash conversion vessel, lauter tun, column stills and three handmade copper pot stills in full operation. Discover the story of Slane Distillery and the family behind the whiskey, before enjoying a drink with friends in the bar afterwards. Book a tour of Slane Castle and see how a mad king was defied by a hayfork and the castle's incredible musical history.