Youghal Clock Gate Tower

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Location: North Main Street, Youghal, Cork

A visit to Youghal Clock Gate Tower is a journey in Time – “Time” being the operative word here. It is a look into a unique world and time span of 600 years in Youghal. From its time as a store house back in the 1500s through its era as town gaol and finally as a family home, Youghal Clock Gate Tower is the ever present structure in Youghal straddling North & South Main Street. A tour of Youghal Clock Gate Tower is a very visual and tactile experience – the costumed storytellers, clad in the “Time Costumes” will journey with you through the various eras and let you see, hear and feel the atmosphere of what is a most unusual but fascinating building. A pre-tour audio guide of Youghal Clock Gate Tower is available on the tower’s website and it is recommended that that a visitor tune into this audio in order to get a flavour of what to expect, without spoiling the surprise of what’s inside.