Glendalough Guided Walks

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Location: Glendalough, Wicklow

Glendalough Guided Walks are really 'Walking Talks' covering history, folklore, and legends of Saint Kevin and Glendalough. They cover ancient history and more modern history of Ireland including The Famine period and emmigration to USA. The walks take about two and half hours. The Walks usually start around 10.00am from The Glendalough Hotel and finish back at the hotel at lunchtime. The Guide is an interesting Poet and Short Story Writer.

Usual Group Walks are groups of 6 to 8 or more where numbers are smaller as the walks take just as long. If other bookings, can put them together into one group. Only arranged walks when booked, no set times, no speculative walks, no very short notice eg. tonight/tomorrow

Sometimes tours for two persons privately arranged at agreed prices as the walks take just as long as group tours. Where are you from? and what brings you to Ireland? Family? Irish connections? Where else in Ireland will you visit, might be able to give some advice on other things to do or see.

To book Glendalough Guided Walks telephone or emai. We will looks forward to hearing from you and hopefully meet to walk and talk.