The Mottee Stone

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Location: Meeting of the Waters, Avova/Rathdrum Road, Avoca, Wicklow

The Mottee Stone in County Wicklow is signposted on the Avoca-Rathdrum Road just beyond the "Meeting of the Waters". Go up a trackway to the summit of hilltop. The Mottee Stone probably derives its name from the French word 'Moitie', meaning half lying as it does halfway between Wexford and Dublin. Legend suggests that Fionn MacCumhaill hurled the stone from the top of Lugnaquilla Mountain. However, geologists would suggest that it is one of many erratic boulders that were carried in the great ice flows of the ice age and then deposited as the ice melted. If you visit please note that the huge granite boulder is clearly of a different type of rock to the surrounding copper bearing schists. According to local tradition, such boulders were once commonplace but a zealous clergyman blew up many in the 17th century, who believed that they encouraged paganism.