Ireland's Ancient Food Feast

This event was held 12 Oct 2019. Explore What's On for the latest festivals & events.

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Location: Annestown Strand, Annestown, Waterford

contemplating seaweed coastal greens with rosehip dressing we begin forage at Annestown strand gathering for the feast in 1000 year old castle learning how to identify wild edibles 'feast' table close to what nature intended, adapted for 21st century tastes

Learn how to identify edibles and gather wild food as you forage for seaweed and wild plants to be enjoyed as part of a cook up in the remnants of a 1000 year old castle. Start foraging for seaweed and coastal plants on the stunning Copper Coast, then continue in the hedgerows and verges of the Anne Valley, finishing with a cook-up and 'feast' inside the remains of the 12th century Dunhill Castle, overlooking the Anne River and Valley. This event was inspired by research into what the first settlers on the Irish coast lived on. Using wild foods, you will create delicious dishes appealing to modern tastes, whilst discovering a world of natural ingredients! You'll enjoy wild foods such as Blackberries, Haws, Rosehips, Sea purslane, Sea Beet/Wild mushroom/Hazelnut tarts; Periwinkles, Fraughan and Hazelnut Cake, Haw Jelly, Hedgerow Jam and Wild mushrooms amongst others, all washed down with Yarrow tea, Dandelion Root Coffee, Beech Noyeau and Elderflower Cordial. This event is part of Taste the Island.