Taste of Monaghan

This event was held 28 Sep 2019. Explore What's On for the latest festivals & events.

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Location: Church Square, Monaghan Town, Monaghan

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There will be a carnival-style atmosphere in town with street art, entertainment for all the family, music and smells that invigorate the taste buds. As a Top 10 Food Destination for the past 4 years, the judges recognized that Monaghan has tastes for every palette and the Street Food Festival is a place for locals and visitors alike to try new things and make connections with producers responsible for the bounty offered in the drumlins. Streetfood is growing year on year and Monaghan will host a collection of some of the best from the region that will be serving delicious treats from tacos to crepes to smoked ribs. Food trucks are making it big by concentrating on creating a small number of dishes and perfecting them. Saturday the 28th of September will be your chance to sample all types of flavours. All of the streetfood exhibitors have been encouraged to source and use local products in their unique dishes. Some of the local Street food connoisseurs will know, Blasta Street Kitchen with their Tex-Mex and barbeque and Turtle & Hare Dining with their delectable gluten-free baked treats. They will be joined by the Hungry Hipster, Il Carro Pizza, Baked with Love & Coffee Doc to name a few. In addition to street food, they will welcome back some of our local and celebrity chefs to the demonstration kitchen which will be hosted in Church Square thanks to sponsor Flo Gas, to display their favourite ways to prepare local ingredients in the home using simple techniques that can be mastered by any home cook. There will be lots of different types of demonstrations including healthy lunch packs and family meal planning. The Street Food Festival will celebrate the food and products of Monaghan. It will focus on eating sustainably, and locally while also reducing waste. All the chefs, both on the demonstration stage and in the trucks, will be using and highlighting the outstanding products available locally. Entertainment for the kids including live performances, street art, music, graffiti artist workshops, face painting, and games plus craft vendors will make Monaghan Town the place to be for the whole family on the 28th of September. This event is part of Taste the Island