The Cider Mill Museum. Food, Folk & Farming. Tour, Talk & Tutored Tasting.

This event was held 20 Oct - 30 Nov 2019. Explore What's On for the latest festivals & events.

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Location: Cornanstown House, Slane, Meath

Cockagee Irish Keeved Cider Native Irish apple varieties Tasting room and museum display Harvest time in the cider barn Slainte! to your good health, cheers. Tutored cider tasting

Every Sunday throughout Sept, Oct & Nov during Taste The Island. An up close and personal visit to The Cider Mill & Museum offers a unique backstage pass into the world of traditional farmhouse cider making and home of the multi award winning Cockagee Irish Keeved Cider. Situated on an old Georgian farmhouse and orchards in Stackallan, Slane, right in the heart of Irelands Ancient East, with magnificent vistas of the Rathkenny hills and glens as backdrop. Learn about the rich history and heritage of our native apples and cider making in Ireland together with the fascinating story of the famous Irish Cockagee apple tree. First mentioned in written records in 1664 and celebrated in poems, novels and plays of the 18th and 19th centuries, this is the untold story of a forgotten part of Irish food and farming culture. Visit the cider barn and see first hand the apple washing, milling, pressing and fermenting process and how it has been done for centuries on a traditional Rack & Cloth Press and delve into the mysterious art of Keeved Cider, an ancient Irish fermentation method long abandoned but revived once again at The Cider Mill with Ireland's only Traditional Keeved Cider. This is followed by a visit to the tasting room and museum display where you can see and learn about the traditional food culture of rural Ireland with the unique collection of Irish vernacular furniture, food and drink related artefacts. Then enjoy a tutored tasting of four different cider styles, apple juice and local cheese pairing which will open your eyes and taste buds to a world of unique and elegant ciders that will excite, surprise and transcend your understanding of what real cider truly is. With the ultimate goal of returning cider to its rightful position as Ireland's national beverage and original wine of the land, as it once was for over a thousand years of Irish history. This event is part of Taste the Island.