Cork Cultural Show

This event was held 12 Jun - 25 Sep 2019. Explore What's On for the latest festivals & events.

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Location: 4 Westbourn Pl,, Cobh, Cork

Choreographer Michael Cahill takes to the air in a spectacular display of dance and spirit. Lead vocalist Angela Ryan gives heartfelf renditions of classics such as Danny Boy and also features local Cobh history with a song about the famous Jack Doyle, 'The Contender' Energetic and charismatic dancers are seen in this uniquely intimate setting allowing the audience to get a real feel for the art of Irish Dance The Cork Cultural Show

The Cork Cultural Show is a wonderful way to enjoy the energy and charm of traditional Irish folk music and dance in a uniquely intimate setting. The finest traditional musicians and singers in Ireland perform a variety of both well known classics such as 'Danny Boy' to local folk ballads and rousing Irish tunes that will have you singing along and stomping your feet. An award winning cast of Irish dancers showcase jigs, reels, hornpipes and more with spirit and flair. So come along and and enjoy the show!