Tullamore St Patrick's Day Celebration

Celebrate modern Ireland in jubilant style at the Tullamore St Patrick's Day march.

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Location: Tullamore, Offaly

Nobody does St Patrick’s Day better than, well, the Irish. Every March, everyone in the country - regardless of creed, ethnicity, or culture - go all-out in celebrating our national saint. So get in on the action by attending a traditional St Patrick’s Day parade like the one in Tullamore. Marching bands, floats of Irish dancers, and waving kids will weave through the town centre, bringing a taste of heritage and fun to visitors. You'll catch a glimpse of modern Ireland, with more recently arrived community members flying their flags, alongside people whose families have been tending the same land for over a century. You’ll hear great music, watch kids having the time of their lives, and feel the spirit of Ireland in the smiles, the singing, and the laughter. What could be better? Admission Free